Back in May my fiancé and I took a two and a half week trip to Europe and enjoyed the splendor of Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bruges (Belgium) and Cologne (Germany). The trip was both a whirlwind and a foodies dream.

I took so many pictures that it would be hard to do one post so here are some highlights from the Amsterdam leg of the journey!

A snap of the Hummus plate w/ chicken from Hummus Bistro d&a . So good we ate here twice! Something that we started doing on this particular adventure was dining at places a second time if it was really good. In the Bay Area we have a similar place (Oren’s Hummus) but I think that the Hummus Bistro was better (but almost a tie!).

We stayed in the Jordaan neighborhood and were told to eat at this restaurant for the marvelous apple-cake from Winkel43— which was really delicious especially if you have a sweet-tooth. We’re told that it’s the best apple cake in all of Amsterdam, so definitely add this spot to your itinerary. We also got some bitterballen (see below) to nibble on before the cake. These were probably our favorite iteration of the croquette like morsels.


Another friend recommended Foodhallen — which is one of those markets with tons of different food stalls. Fun if you live variety and are a little tired of the typical food in the Netherlands.


We also surprised ourselves by eating at a local pizza restaurant. We usually try to stay away from Pizza while in Europe (because we’ve definitely had a some that LOOK like pizza, but don’t actually taste like pizza) but this place had solid ratings, and a legit brick pizza oven. La Perla did not disappoint and was as authentically neopolitan as we’ve had anywhere.

If you see these get them. Poffertjes were probably my favorite Netherlands thing. Creamy little mini pancakes covered in a huge pat of butter and a hefty sprinkle of powdered sugar. Not something I could eat everyday but I could see myself getting down on these at least once and awhile!

And last but not least, we grabbed some Surinamese food at a spot in our neighborhood. If you’re unfamiliar Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. There is a surprisingly large Surinamese population in the Netherlands which is why you’ll find these unique restaurants scattered throughout. Definitely get a couple of plates and don’t be scared to try something new!

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