Speedy’s Tacos, Sunnyvale CA

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Located in a random neighborhood in Sunnyvale is one of my favorite lunch spots when I’m craving a quick  yet hearty Mexican fix.

When I first envisioned the type of place that “Speedy’s” might be based on the name alone  the image of an old divey taqueria popped into my brain. While I am GAME for those types of places, at this particular juncture I was not in the mood for a super divey lunch spot.

While Speedy’s is not-not divey, it’s also pretty nice and if you sit on the patio on a nice warm afternoon its even perfect despite it’s strip mall location.


You can’t really go wrong with an order here. On a separate occasion I’ve gotten the house made taquitos, which are delicious. But I was in the mood for a big Chile Relleno with oozy cheese.


The quesadillas are also quite delicious— go for the steak. And NO that guac does NOT cost extra!



Additional details:

Location: Sunnyvale, CA // Cuisine: Mexican  // Occasion: v Casual // Price: $3 – $12

Website: Speedy’s Tacos

Phone: 408.685.2791

Address: 929 E. Duane Ave – Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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