Olla Cocina – Downtown San Jose, CA

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I recently ventured downtown with some girlfriends to catch up and celebrate my birthday. In lieu of somewhere too fancy, We opted for Olla Cocina for the ambiance, modern decor and had heard about the menu of shareables made with both local and seasonal ingredients inspired by regions of Mexico.

The pitchers are a good price for the quantity—$50 for 9ish pours, so we ordered one to share which was plenty and enough to give us a nice light buzz while we caught up with each other about the goings on in our lives. They offer two choices of pitcher and we opted for the more classic of the two. In addition our server kindly accommodated the slight modification to make it a little less sweet, toasted to good company and dug into the enormous bowls of chips, guacamole, and salsas.

For the rest of our meal we decided it would be more fun to get a bunch of things and share. So we ordered some tacos, side of street corn and blistered shishito peppers which are a fun (but sometimes spicy) option.

Random fun fact: Not every shishito pepper is spicy, usually one in a dozen will catch you off guard and be a real zinger (similar to the peppers you can find in Spain called Padron peppers — referred to as roulette peppers!).

The Tacos were good— we shared the Duck & Al Pastor (which we favored). The green salsa it came with was absolutely spicy and delicious and add a nice freshness to the sweet & salty flavors of the meat.

If you’re not looking for something too traditional and ambiance is what you are looking for, and you happen to be in downtown San Jose— Olla Cocina is a fun location to start the night, especially if you love margaritas and a good salsa & guacamole situation.



Additional details:

Location: Downtown San Jose

Cuisine: Mexican inspired

Occasion: Casual

Price: $9 – $25

Website: Olla Cocina 

Phone: 408.606.7999



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