Flour + Water – San Francisco, CA

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Every year for my birthday my beau books is something special— usually something that I have mentally bookmarked and talked about dining at in passing.

A handful of years ago he made a reservation st Flour + Water in SF, a memorable dinner with excellent wine, handmade pasta, and  great company.  Since, I had been dreaming of going for a second time, and when he told me he made reservations  again (60 days to the day in advance!) I was floored.

The menu at flour + water changes seasonally, with a few items like the Angolotti dal Plin that remain a menu staple.

We considered ordering way too much, but with pasta ahead of us, we tried to order something that wouldn’t spoil the main event.

We shared a charcuterie board which was incredible— fresh bread, fritters, lots and lots of meats and spreads (Specifically: capicola, pork pate, crispy pork trotter, and ‘nduja— yeah I didn’t know what half of that was either, but we ordered it, didn’t ask questions and thoroughly enjoyed every bite). The whole thing was a wonderful and welcome surprise, because more often than not ordering a meat or cheese board results in immediate disappointment, not so at Flour + Water.

I ordered the Agnolotti dal Plin, which I was excited to try. I think the first time I even heard about it was on Master Chef (lol) and ever since, I’d been dying to try it. Traditionally it is a stuffed pasta, like ravioli, but made with rabbit, pork, and

My fiancé opted for the seasonal pasta— with roasted pork shoulder, charred peaches, and  pistachios. You know how sometimes someone ‘wins’ at ordering? Well he definitely did this time.

Normally we would’ve stayed for dessert but with Humphrey Slocombe just down the street, we had ice-cream calling our names.

It was a truly filling birthday dinner, and I wouldn’t have spent it any other way.


Additional details:

Location: Mission District, San Francisco

Cuisine: Italian, Pizzas & Pasta

Occasion: Casual, Intimate gathering

Price: $12 – $35

Website: Flour + Water

Phone: 415-826-7000





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