Blurr Kitchen – Santa Clara, CA

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My fiancé and I recently got a puppy that we are totally and completely obsessed with. This basically means that every restaurant we ever want to eat at now requires a dog friendly patio.

That said finding that sweet spot between too nice or too cheap has been difficult. Lucky for us we don’t live too far from Blurr Kitchen in Santa Clara. While they only technically have two outdoor seats, this is more than enough for us when we’re looking for a quick and easy lunch for under $25.

The menu is simple— a few choices of Vietnamese style sandwiches (banh mi) and a handful of entree type plates that come with your choice of protein, side, and base (like garlic noodles or fried rice).

35656537312_cfdf59b556_oThe Vietnamese coffee was creamy, and super potent! Really good strong coffee is my jam.

I can safely say that the Banh Mi plate (with fries for $7) is not only a steal of a deal but is pretty legit as far as authenticity goes. Soft but crispy french bread, pickled vegetables and your choice of protein (we went with bbq pork). We were genuinely surprised by the amazingness of the french fries were. They are tossed in some kind of delicious/addicting  seasoning that we couldn’t get enough of.


Another must-get item are the entree plates— something I would order just for the garlic noodles which easily top the list of garlic noodles that I have had.


So yeah, if you’re looking for a quick lunch on a budget definitely check them out. They’re open 7 days a week with flexible hours and you won’t be disappointed, especially if you have a dog and you need somewhere to take him to eat 😉

We’ll see you there!


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