Park Station Hashery, San Jose

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Park Station Hashery is a (relatively) new kid on the brunch block. In addition to a slammin’ brunch menu, they offer unique lunch and dinner options if you’re near the Alameda in San Jose. My beau and I stopped by for lunch on a whim.


After mulling over the menu a bit, we ordered at the counter, picked a cozy window spot in a corner and got comfortable while we waited on our lunches.

The staff is super friendly and was helpful and when my beau was tossed between ordering the burger or the cider braised pork ribs. When we got an enthusiastic response about the ribs, he knew it’d be a good pick. I went with the Park Station Sandwich and since it’s loaded with corned beef how could I say no?

Everything was super tasty, and as billed— the Cider Braised Pork Ribs were so delicious and fall-off-the-bone tender, drizzled in the sauce and served up with some crispy house made fries tucked underneath.

If you’re waiting to hear about the Park Station Sandwich you’ll be placed to hear that it was just as delicious as it looks with layers of melty cheese, purple slaw, pickles anode course tender and sliced corned beef on toasted rye.

If you enjoy crispy fries, a variety of lunch options, and a casual atmosphere head on down to Park Station Hashery & enjoy the afternoon!

Til my next bite,


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